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Heat Treatment at Techno Rings

We offer technologically advanced manufacturing facility and a wide range of production capabilities such as high volume machining, prototypes, assembly, painting, heat-treatment, as well as design & managed inventory services.

Austempered Ductile Iron Heat Treatment

  • 650 kg/Batch - 2 Furnaces
  • Pre Heating
  • Austempring
  • Salt Quenching
  • Cooling

Induction Hardening (4 Machine)

  • Fully CNC Controlled
  • Power: 100 Kw to 125 Kw
  • Frequency: 10000 to 30000 Hz
  • Max Length: 600 mm
  • Max Weight: 30 kgs
  • Case Depth: 1.5 mm to 8 mm

Why techno Rings ?

With in-house production processes including Foundry, Machining and Induction Hardening, the dedicated lines of Techno Rings for each component family ensure Quality & Quantity at Competitive Prices. Our value engineering and R&D support further enhances the quick response by our experienced staff to facilitate the best products and services each time, for every client.

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