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Value Engineering at Techno Rings

Techno Rings has been one of the first to develop tough grade products with high tensile strength and high carbon percentage for customers, since 1999.

Ring for Oil Seal

Saving of Rs. 5 Crores through Value Engineering for Rear Axle Oil Seal Ring from forging ( EN8 Steel Grade) to casting ( FG 260 gray Iron) to AL with Induction hardening.

Spring Seat

Original material - SG 600/3 with induction hardening.

Changed to ADI 1050/750/7 material, Since there was field failure in original material.

After introduction of ADI material there is no field issues.

Bottom Wear Pad

Original material - SG 500/7.

Changed to ADI 750/500/5 material, Since there was Wear issues in the field in original material..

After introduction of ADI material there is no field issues.

Link Rod

Conversion from Forging To ADI Casting for cost reduction.

Arm Spindle.

Value Engineering in Arm Spindle from forging (EN8 )to ADI casting to TAFE for cost reduction and Life increase


Sand Process Changed from No Bake Process to Green Sand Disa 030 Process & Also eliminated Cores.

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